Giver Theme Essay

Throughout the novel, The Giver, I gradually learned that the balance between freedom, and security is very important, because if there is not a balance, the society would be very imperfect. In the case of this novel, The Community created a life for all of it??™s citizens that diminishes the amount of choice and freedom they have to almost nothing. However, in our society, there is not a perfect balance. There is enough of a balance that keeps our democracy here in the United states enough to keep everyone safe, have the ability to choose, and take their own path on life. The utopian society in the novel does not allow any of their citizens to have the simple joys that we do. When they are ordered to do something, the citizens obey, and do not question. As The Giver says, They know nothing It is the way that they live. It was the life that was created for them.??™??? The Giver, and Jonas both knew that the emotionless, lifeless Community is a horrid place that is far from perfect. Compared to our life, it is a world of no pain, and is most often happy. However, we live without the absence of choice and we are more than often happy with the balance we have between choice and safety.
In the book, the safety that was created for the citizens overpowers the choice that they have by a substantial amount. Too much security can be a very bad thing, in the way it has turned out in the utopian society. In the utopia, everything is controlled and planned. There are no feelings or emotions that the citizens show, and they do not have memories of anything. They do what they are told and the only thing they know how to do is to do the task, or Assignment, that they were assigned to acomplish.The burden of all of the memories was weighed onto The Giver and is now being transferred to Jonas. This is because The Community was built under the influence of sameness to keep all of the pain away from all of the citizens. ??????But what happened to all of those things Snow, and the rest of it??™ ???Climate control.??™ Snow made growing food difficult, and unpredictable weather made travel almost impossible. It was not a practical thing, so it became obsolete when we went to Sameness.??™ ??¦ ???I want to wake up and make choices and decide things! A blue tunic or a red one??™ He looked down at himself, at the colorless fabric of his tunic. ???But it is always the same, always.??™ ???It is not fair…??™??? Jonas??™s frustration with the Sameness in The Community grew with every passing day. With the more memories he got, the more upset he became at his community. The overwhelming amount of security is not a good thing for the people in the utopia. When there is a too little amount of choice, their life becomes overtaken by Sameness, such as that in The Community. Having too much safety and too little choice makes the utopia a horrible place to live write my dissertation.
Compared to the awful world that was created in the novel, our society seems to be much more civilized. The balance between choice and security is not perfect in our world, but seems to give us much more freedom and choice. We get to enjoy colors all of the time, and we get the choice to experience all of the memories that are stored in The Giver . All of the citizens in the United States have the chance to go through all of the emotions we can experience, the same ones that are kept away, due to Sameness in The Community. With all of the freedom and choice we have, we also have plenty of security to balance out the scale. If a citizen were to make a wrong choice in the U.S., they would get fined, or go to jail. If I were to be in The Community known in The Giver, I would have been released, in other words killed. In our country, we have people to tell all of our horrifying memories to, so we always have someone to understand and comfort us. When The Giver and Jonas receive the memories, they cannot tell anyone, and must hold all of their memories inside themselves, along with the pain. The balance of choice and safety are very important in our society. We rely on them daily to convict those that have committed a criminal act, but we have the valued capability of choice, to make our lives full of emotion, and feelings.
In conclusion, I learned that the balance of freedom and security is a vital thing to have in a successful community. The world that was created for those in The Community in very imperfect, and so is ours. The Community in the novel The Giver is very imbalanced and the amount of security outweighs the amount of freedom almost completely. In the United States, we have a balanced society that has an adequate amount of security, and enables all of it??™s citizens to have choice and freedom. I learned that without balance between freedom and safety, life can get quite emotionless. A life without all of the extraordinary things that I take for granted every day would be boring, soundless, and most of all, unfulfilled.